Amber Dickinson

Harmonising Body, Mind & Spirit!
Angelic Reiki Healing, Holistic Body Work, Counselling.

Life changing treatments to de-stress, relax and energise – Promoting optimal health, vitality and wellbeing. Preventative health care.

The body is an energy system with seven main chakras or energy centres.
Through ones life and experiences, emotionally, physically and spiritually, we develop certain blocks in our bodies.

Our bodies may bring awareness to these blocks through dis-ease, stress, tension, anxiety, depression and general low energy.

By bringing our awareness into the here and now, unlimited possibilities arise for personal transformation and greater joy in life. By clearing and releasing these blocks, one is more able to tap into their unique creativity leading to freedom and choice in how one wishes to create their life.

BCMA reg
Licensed Practitioner
Holistic Counsellor
Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher
Usui Reiki Master
Energy Healer
Holistic Health Practitioner

Harmonizing Body, Mind & Spirit


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