Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise

Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise

Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise offers long-term sustainable management of Raincliffe Wood. We operate as a social enterprise that will provide amenities, facilities and access for local people and organisations within a safe, accessible, supportive and informative site.

Our mission is to build a strong community enterprise that secures a safe and sustainable future for the woods while enhancing wildlife and community benefits.

Our objectives are:


  • Gradually restore the woods to predominantly broadleaf planted ancient woodland
  • Enhance the wildlife value and biodiversity of the woods
  • Act as a model of best practice in sustainable woodland management for others to learn from


  • Promote the woods and encourage their greater use and enjoyment
  • Maintain and improve public access for all
  • Increase community involvement in the management of the woods
  • Educate people about woods and their environment


  • Establish a social enterprise to generate income to support only the sustainable management of the woods and associated activities
  • Carry out woodland management, timber extraction and conversion of timber to a variety of products to generate this income
  • Support the wider economic regeneration of the Scarborough area through contributions to tourism, jobs and training


Raincliffe Woods
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