Ruth Collett

Ruth Collett is a ceramicist, writer and photographer who creates detailed images of landscape that play with scale and perception.Ruth has worked in disability and community arts for 30 years as artist and project manager.

I teach practical art courses and art history with the WEA as well as generating arts projects in the community and exhibitions of my own work.I am always happy to talk about courses, workshops and project ideas for work in the community. I also have existing bodies of work ready for exhibition – A Yorkshire Coast Journey is an exhibition of 30 original photos of the Yorkshire Coast accompanied by a book of poetry inspired by these images with a reading by the artist.

My working process is to explore ideas through a variety of media and choose a form for the final piece that best expresses the content of the idea.Consequently I work in print, paint, felt and scrap metal as well as photography and ceramics.My work explores different aspects of my physicality in relation to the environment, gender and identity and body memory . I began an abiding interest in self-image work in the 1980s when

I participated in a photography self-image workshop for disabled people.I have been in the forefront of the disability arts movement to redefine images of disability.


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