Tim Tubbs

Scarborough-born Tim Tubbs, with a music and literature training, worked in London theatre from 1982 to 2008, programming Sadler’s Wells Theatre, representing dance companies and artists, producing touring shows, managing large-scale events, writing, advising, mentoring, and managing Marylebone Dance Studio, which remains his principal earning activity.

In 2008 he relocated himself and his charitable company UK Foundation For Dance to Woodend in Scarborough. Since then, he has directed, produced, acted, sung, played and entertained in a wide range of professional and community activities in Scarborough.

His Tuesday Lunchtime Lectures have become a regular feature of Woodend’s life… and his cocktail parties are legendary!


Mobile: 07803 076085
E-Mail: director@ukfd.co.uk


Photo credit: Stuart Tyson

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