meet the team



I came to Scarborough from Leeds in 2007 as the first (and so far, only!) Director of Woodend, and I’ve now spent 25 years in the creative sector. Woodend’s a great place to work, and it’s been a real pleasure to see so many of our tenants build very successful businesses, dealing with clients throughout the UK.

What do I love most about Scarborough? The chance it gives you to keep your work/life balance well and truly balanced. I can be walking my dog on the cliffs before breakfast and then walk along the Esplanade to work. The traffic jams of Leeds are a lifetime away…



Hi, I’m Jo, a Scarborough girl through and through. I look after Woodend’s marketing, social media, events and yes, the website… When I’m not updating WordPress or cosying up to MailChimp you’ll find me on stage – or in the rehearsal room. I’ve been Mabel in Mack and Mabel, just finished performing as the Snow Queen and I sing in ‘The Sofa Junkies’ and ‘The Cocktail Twins.’ I also have two young children to keep me busy – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My favourite thing about working at Woodend is the people I’ve met along the way: the community spirit at Woodend is one of the best in Scarborough.



Having spent far too much of my life in the South, I came back ‘up North’ five years ago. I’m now the first person you see when you come into Woodend and couldn’t be happier. I love the arts and media, so Woodend – and its frequently changing exhibitions and range of creative talent – is perfect for me.

I’m also the person who ‘curates’ the Sitwell legacy here at Woodend – that eccentric, literary family who had their home here in the 19th Century.

Away from work I live in Filey – seven miles down the road, with one of the longest, unbroken, unspoilt beaches in England.



I’ve been at Woodend for 8 months now and I absolutely love it. Before Woodend I was a nursey assistant, dealing with tears and tantrums: so not much has changed…

One of the things I love above Woodend is how close it is to the beach – 5 minutes from my desk so great for a walk at lunchtime. And living in Scarborough means I can get out to the Moors and places like Robin Hood’s Bay at the weekend.

Right now I’m doing a level 2 NVQ in Business Administration, which fits brilliantly with the work I’m doing at Woodend. Hopefully I’ll be here for a lot of years to come.